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We provide installation services for Fire Alarm System in peterborough. according to need of clients.The fire alarm may be activated by automatic detection devices such as Smoke and Heat Detectors or by manual operation of manual call points. Also, these fire detection systems are easy to operates. We offer fire alarm system in peterborough at nominal prices.FIRE ALARM SYSTEM


Main function of the Fire Alarm System is to alert the responsible authorities. authorities may be the local Fire Department or the Emergency Action team.We provide services and installation of your fire alarm as well new product .

The proper design and installation of fire protection and other life safety systems is the first step in protecting lives and property. Property owners and property managers must also ensure that the building’s fire safety systems are functioning properly. Adler offers a wide range of inspection services to meet our customers’ needs. We offer the following features:

Our Products Features:

  • Intelligent fire alarm.
  • Pre-alarm warnings.
  • Conventional Detector.
  • Addressable detectors
  • Integrated fire detection and extinguishing system.
  • Automatic micro processor based fire alarm system.